Friday, July 24, 2009

What's Your Poison?

I'm not really into licensing out my little kitty face that much, not because I don't want to ('cause we know how self-centered I am - I'm a CAT after all!), but because the "big" thing hasn't really come along yet. However, I do like to get involved with the handmade community whenever I can - hence the licensing of my cute little mug to Stampa Fe for rubber stamps. But did you know that I also have agreements in place with a few of my favorite artists, allowing them to make and sell official Skelekitty merchandise? Yep. It is the truth.

I'm very excited to tell you about a brand spanking new joint venture with the lovely and gifted Kit Cameo, blogger, writer, cat-lover, geekery aficionado artist and friend.


We've collaborated on a project / product that involves this image of me, some bar ware and Kit's not inconsiderable gift for etching, all of which resulted in "Skelekitty Poison Shot Glasses."

Guess Who? (sneak peek!)

Now you can "name your poison" and drink it too (silly kitty).

Skelekitty shot glasses by KIT CAMEO!

7/30/09 - UPDATE!! Well, the first two etched shot glasses have been sold! However, if you're dying to have one (or more), contact Kit.  You should also check out her other wares in her ArtFire studio and Etsy shop.


  1. I ♥lurve♥ the Absinthe glasses, but the swirlies will have to go, lol! Not sure I have the patience to try carving them out of contact paper! Still, I wouldn't mind a set of them for myself!

  2. LOL! Yeah. I like the font on YOUR poison bottle better anyway!

  3. Very Kewl. Love the domino and shot glasses!! Smiles


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