Sunday, April 26, 2009

New SKSoA Recipients!

Every now and then while I'm perusing the interwebs, something sparkly catches my little Skelekitty-eye and I purr with delight. Whenever this happens, I try to give recognition in the form of a link to said shiny thing and award the creator with the Skelekitty Stamp of Approval. Any blog or company who receives this ... err ... "award" is entitled to add the stamp to their website and they are added to my list of favorite sites.(actual cash value of SKSoA equal to less than 1/100th of a cent).

Today's inductees include Patrick Murillo, someone whose Day of the Dead paintings I've long admired and whom I was able to meet about a year ago. Since then, I am (and Krissi is too) proud to have him listed among our friends. Patrick just started an awesome new site called Mantastic Crafts which he describes as McGuyer-meets-Batman-meets-Survivor Man with a shot of Inspector Gadget. And yeah, even Gilligan pops up every now and then. Be sure to link over and bookmark it!

I was looking through my links to make sure my favorites were listed and realized today that, while I awarded an SKSoA to the Santa Clarita Craft Lab recently, I hadn't added them to my list. BAD KITTY! I'm fixing that today.

So, what I'm saying is .... stalk my friends (but do it nicely).



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SK at the Santa Clarita Craft Lab Marketplace!

Sorry it's been so long since I blogged.

As you know, Krissi took me along with her on the 2009 Crafty Chica creativity cruise and we had a blast! She officially sold out of the supply of rubber stamps she had featuring yours truly, so I'm hoping she'll be reordering soon.... She also premiered her new line of Loteria cards (embellished with glitter and plain), which were a HUGE hit!
hand-embellished cards

After the cruise, we stayed three extra days in beautiful San Diego with Fearless and Shuka and their people, Alisa and Ann, where, thanks mostly to the prodding of Ann and Alisa, Krissi pimped out my stamps to a few cool scrapbooking stores. She even carried on with the retail store pimpage once she got home, and we shall see what comes of it....

Then just the other day, she heard from our pal Cyndi of the Santa Clarita Craft Lab asking about carrying the Skelekitty stamps in her new "Market Place!" She wants to start bringing in some unique kits and supplies from indie crafters (no finished projects at this point) and I jumped all over it like ... well, like a skelecat on a skelemouse! Besides, we certainly fit the bill - you don't get much more "indie" than a girl with a sewing machine, a laptop and a skeleton cat.

For those of you who don't know about the Santa Clarita Craft Lab, it's an AWESOME place! They offer some fun mixed media classes that you just can't really find anywhere else. Take, for example, this class on embellishments called Counting Crows:

All of the classes there are taught by seriously creative and fun folks and it's amazing to see what the students create. Check out their current classes here.

So maybe you aren't into group classes and just need some time away from the house? You can rent some space and craft a Wednesday or Thursday away for only $15 (and that includes use of their ample collection of tools)! Here's a sampling of just some of what they have on hand:

  • Cricut Expression Die Cut Machine
  • Cuttlebug Die Cut Machine
  • Sizzix Sidekick Die Cut Machine
  • An Assortment of Dies
  • 2 Sewing Machines
  • Sewing Notions, Iron & Board
  • Pasta Machine
  • PolyClay/Craft Oven & Tools
  • Xyron Sticker Maker
  • Zutter "Bind-It-All" Binding System
  • Heat Gun, Glue Guns, Fiskar Hand Drill
  • Woodburning Tool
  • Soldering Tools & Temp Control
  • Paper Trimmers with Designer Blades
  • An Assortment of Other Hand Held Tools
  • Assortment of Punches
  • The "Power Punch" Tool
  • PLUS adhesives, papers, doo dads, embellishments, buttons, brads, eyelets, beads, ribbons, fibers, yarns, lace, trims, card stock, rubber stamps, inks, paints,brushes, & more!
In addition to all the cool toys ... err, I mean TOOLS, they also have a knitting/crochet lounge. DUDE, SERIOUSLY! A KNITTING/CROCHET LOUNGE!

Just look at all that hot pink.... Yummy.

Here's another idea: why not let Santa Clarita Craft Lab host your next birthday, mothers' (or fathers') day, graduation or office party? You bring the cake and the guests, and they take care of the private studio space & instruction, all crafting supplies, plates/forks/napkins, and soft drinks/juice/water.

If you're like me and live too far away for a regular visit, you can drop by the official blog and keep up to date on all the crafty news that's fit to print.

Of course, I'll let you know the very SECOND that Cyndi has the shelves stocked with the red rubber representations of my cute image. Until then, stay cool and skele-crafty!


Oh, and YES, Cyndi and the Santa Clarita Craft Lab have DEFINITELY earned a Skelekitty Stamp of Approval for this one!

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