Thursday, October 29, 2009

Skele-Networking Made A Little Easier

Hi there Skele-Folks!

You know, there's a lot of crazy social networking those crazy kids are doing on the interwebs these days. The way I figure it, if sometimes it's enough to ruffle the fur of a skeleton cat (that's pretty bad!), then maybe you need a little help and understanding too (of course, I'm talking to my fans over the age of 25 here).

That's why I wanted to post and let you know that IF you are on "the facebook," you can read my blog posts right on your facebook news feed!   All you have to do is go to my Fan Page and click the Become A Fan button.  The button will appear to the right of "Skelekitty" at the top of the page.

Not only will blog posts show up in your news feed, but any time you visit me on facebook, you can easily access my blog, contact info and artfire store right from the tabs at the top of the fan page.  Oh yeah, and my fan pages is totally separate from Krissi's personal facebook profile, so you don't have to add her as a friend or be approved as a fan.  Any facebook user can join.

So once you're a fan, you can suggest the page to your friends.  No spamming, please!  However, if you think someone is or would be a fan and doesn't know about the page, let 'em know.  The "suggest to friends" link is under my profile pic.

If you forget and decide to become a fan later, there's a link in the sidebar of this here blog.

Now, for those of you who don't have a facebook profile, DON'T PANIC!  Nothing will change here - facebook just has a gadget that pulls these posts into their site.  Neato, huh?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Too many prints!

That's right kids. Krissi and I have some "extra" prints on hand here at La Casa de Kitty and we just hate to see 'em sitting around without anywhere to be this close to the most skellified holidays of the year!

Therefore, if you buy ANY print from my Artfire store today or tomorrow, you can choose a free print from this pile! Just use the coupon code PRINT2FER at checkout and you'll have two skellicious prints in time to add to your All Hallow's Eve decor or to place on your Dia de los Muertos shrine!

No kidding though - the coupon expires at the end of the day on Saturday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

LIVE on "Live Wire" Sacramento

Krissi and I will be appearing on Live Wire (Sacramento Comcast Channel 17 or streaming online) at 5pm tonight, Wednesday, October 21st with some of the chicas from the Scary-Art Collective!

We hope you'll tune in!

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Website Design and Content!

I've been a busy kitty cat reworking my website at

I hope you like the new layout and all the content Krissi and I will be adding over the next week!

Until then,



Friday, October 2, 2009

More Ghoulish Goodies

The Artfire Ghouls Guild TRICK OR TREAT 2009 continues today with coupon codes and sales from 13 of our members (how lucky is THAT for you?), a scavenger hunt and two more featured artists, Huckleberry Arts and one of my new favorite crazy girls, Christine St. Onge of 2 of Mind and Spirit.

Annette Gambrel

I don't recall a time in my life where something was not being created. I don't ever see not having time in the day where something isn’t made.

Being an artist has been a gift I couldn't be more proud of, the people I have met each one touches me in their own little way, some more than they know. I enjoy the process of meeting new collectors that enjoy my lil creations. It’s a wonderful gift to be given and to be able to share with others, and hopefully bring a smile into another’s life along the way.


and a very creative (and all around fun) person,

Christine St.Onge

I love to create all kinds of things. I've tried so many crafts at least once just to see how they're made. I make one of a kind items because we are all one of a kind.

Just remember.. You are unique! Just like everyone else! Revel in your individuality!


The lucky winner of yesterday's prize giveaway was Drucilla!  She won this awesome set of handmade mini Halloween cards by She's Batty Designs.

Stay tuned for another prize giveaway tomorrow - this time it will be a free digital Halloween party invitation custom created by Rouxbee Design Studio.

Oh, and have I mentioned that yours truly will be giving away a hand embellished 8x10" print of "Goin' Batty" soon.  When?  Well, that would be telling....

Bugs & Hisses,


Thursday, October 1, 2009

13 Days of Treats (it's no trick).


Presented by the Ghouls Guild
October 1 - 13

13 lucky days of deals, prizes, and spooky fun
from Artfire's creative creatures of the night!

codes valid 10/1 - 10/13/09 

(unless otherwise stated)

Shop: Morgaine-du-Mer
Coupon Code: 10HALLOWEENIE10
Details:10% off all shop categories except original ACEOs

Shop: House Morbid
Coupon Code: ANABEL LEE
Details: 20% off your total order. One use per customer.

Shop: Rsisland Crafts
Coupon Code: Ghoul's Guild TrickorTreat2009
Details: 20% off (this coupon code is valid for the whole month of October)

Shop: Kaotic Ekkos Curiosities
Coupon Code: TRICKORTREAT2009
Details: 13% off

Shop: She's Batty Designs
Coupon Code: GHOULS
Details: Free Shipping on all Canadian and US orders.

Shop: JenniferLynn Productions
Coupon Code: halloween13
Details: Free shipping

Shop: Simply Smiss
Coupon Code: n/a
Details: Buy 2 get items and get free US shipping or 1/2 off international shipping. Will refund the difference or post a custom listing (no coupon code required). Simply Smiss is closed until Oct 5th.

Shop: Debvandet Designs
Coupon Code: debvandet15
Details: 15% off

Shop: A and M Boutique
Details: Free shipping on Halloween and Wiccan Items

Shop: Mad Science Creations
Coupon Code: GHOULS09MSC
Details: Free Shipping on US and Canadian orders (coupon code is valid for the entire month of October)

Shop: Rouxbee Design Boutique
Coupon Code: n/a
Details: Rouxbee will be having "sneaky sales," and randomly putting everything in her shop on sale by either 5%, 10%, or 15% sporadically for a total of 30 minutes-2 hours on a DAILY basis.

and, last but not least, yours truly

Shop: Skelekitty & Friends
Coupon Code: GHOULSGUILD13
Details: 13% off original art


Coupon Code: GHOULSGUILD666
Details: 66.6% off prints (Dude, that's almost free!)


Here are a few of the prizes you could win during Trick or Treat 2009!

Info, updates and giveaways are on the Ghouls Guild blog

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