Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stamps in Stock and a new Print

The initial order of Skelekitty rubber stamps arrived from Santa Fe yesterday and are available for purchase on Krissi's Etsy site at $14.00 each or a set of all 4 for $50. If you don't have an Etsy account (it's free to join and shop, so you should!), just e-mail Krissi and tell her which and how many stamps you would like to order and she'll send you an invoice, easy as pie.

"Play Time" Skelekittyrubber stamp
"Play Time" - Skelekitten with yarn

"Time for Love" Skelekitty rubber stamp
"Always Time for Love" Skelekitty with heart

"Welcome Home" Skelekitty rubber stamp
"Welcome Home" Skelekitty rubbing skeleton legs (with cool shoes)

"Skele-Sirena" Skelekitty rubber stamp
Skele-sirena - Skelekitty as a mermaid

She has also created a new print and made it available on Etsy. It's the angel-kitten from her original mixed-media piece, Love Cats in an 8x10" (well, 10x8" really) print.

She looks a little like me, just with wings and fur.  The print is only $15 (plus CA tax if you're a resident). She's a perfect holiday gift. Not "into" kitties (GASP!)? There are several other works available as 8x10 prints too, so check it out.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

giving thanks

Since she mentioned me in her blog today and because I am also thankful for lots of stuff (including being here and for all my fans), I'm reposting Krissi's recipes from her blog today. Enjoy!

Regardless of your feelings about the founding and expansion of the US, current politics or religion, Thanksgiving gives us all, whether 'Americans' or not, a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the things in our lives for which we are thankful.

Me?  I'm thankful for my good health (yes, even with the problems I have, they're not so bad really!), Ron and our critters, my family, my dad staying sober for over a year, my awesome friends - including the ones from high school I've refound on the interwebs, Skelekitty, gel medium, the ability to laugh at life's crap, Body Tribe Fitness and Allyson, learning new stuff, autumn colors in the California foothills, Poop-Off, NPR and the ability to spew my thoughts online and the fact that there are people interested enough to read them.

To celebrate all the awesome shit in my life, I'm celebrating by sharing two of my recipes for Thanksgiving day favorites.  First, the recipe for my cranberry-apple pie that drives my father-in-law to do a happy-pie-dance in his chair, and also the cranberry sauce that people who don't like cranberry sauce love.

My signature apple-cranberry pie!
Apple-Cranberry Pie
Oven 375F
Pastry for a double-crust pie*
4-6 large FRESH granny smith apples to yield 6-8 cups of cut apples (TIP: If you live somewhere you can get 'em off the tree, DO IT.  We get ours every year from Larsen's in Apple Hill - Camino, CA - do yourself a favor and get a turnover with sauce while you're there)
6 oz fresh cranberries - washed and destemmed
1 Tbsp. all purpose wheat flour
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 cup + 1 Tbsp. sugar
butter (optional)

Peel and quarter the apples - remove cores.  Cut apples into somewhat uneven chunks (for large apples - I quarter the pieces lengthwise then cut them in half crosswise;  for smaller apples I'll cut them in thirds, then in half).

Mix apples with lemon juice, then add cranberries, flour, cinnamon and 1/2 cup of sugar and mix - allow to sit for 10 minutes or so.

Pour apple-cranberry mixture into a crust-lined (uncooked) pie pan and dot with butter (optional).  Arrange top crust and close edges.  Cut slits on top of pie or cut openings using a decorative cookie cutter.  Brush top with water and sprinkle with remaining 1 Tbsp. of sugar.

Cover crust edges with foil and bake for 25 minutes; remove foil and bake for 20-25 additional minutes.  Let cool and get ready to pass this recipe on to anyone who eats the pie.

*Don't want to make your own pie crust?  Use your own pie plate with Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts - just let them sit at room temp for 15 minutes then unroll and use - they are AWESOME and the only commercial pie crust I would ever use.

F@#%ing AWESOME Cranberry Sauce

12 oz (1 bag) fresh cranberries - washed and destemmed
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup Grand Marnier (or Triple Sec or another orange flavored liqueur)
1/2 + 1/8 cup water

Boil water, liqueur and sugar until sugar melts.  Add cranberries and heat until cranberries begin to "pop."  Lower heat and simmer for 10 minutes.  Allow to cool for 30-60 minutes and refrigerate overnight (or at least for several hours to give it time to gel).  Yumtastic!

I hope you all find something to be thankful for today and every day!

xo  Krissi

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Winning Shirt Design...

Me and the heart!

Skelekitty's first T-Shirt design (coming soon!)

The final artwork will be cleaned up a little more around the edges, but essentially, this is how the shirt will look (without the copyright notice, of course): white & red "ink" on black American Apparel shirts. We're planning on doing girlie shirts in sizes M (4-6) -XXL (14-16) and we'll probably do a couple unisex sizes too for folks wanting a roomier fit or to DIY them! If you want to reserve a certain style/size, let Krissi know at

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for voting and for all of your feedback! Stay tuned for more information on how to get your own shirt (Krissi just needs to get a printer locked in!) We're hoping to have some for you by Xmas!



Monday, November 10, 2008

Which ONE would YOU wear?

Howdy cats and kittens!

Well, never let it be said that this kitty lets the grass grow under her paws! The rubber stamps are still being poured, assembled and mailed out to folks and here I am looking at the reality of the very first SKELEKITTY TEE SHIRT, but I need your assistance in picking the design. We will only be offering one design first, and we want it to do well so that we can offer more designs in the future!


Here is the plan thus far: we'll be getting American Apparel "girlie" shirts in several sizes from M-XXL (they run SMALL - click here for a size chart). The design will be silk screened on a black tee with high quality white "ink" plus one or two color inks, depending on which design we do: green for the mermaid tail, pink or purple yarn, red for the heart and red for the shoes/tattoo/cherries with green for the cherry stems. We're looking at using the same people who did Suzi Boneshaker's awesome tees (Krissi has both of Suzi's designs and they pass her tough quality assurance tests). 

So what do you need to do? VOTE! Yeah, I know, you thought we were done voting last Tuesday (nice job, America, by the way). There's a poll at the top right of my blog, so just cast your vote for your mostest favoritest tee design. Remember we'll only be doing one shirt, at least for now, which design should it be?

Feel free to comment if you have more input on colors, sizes, shirt styles or anything else!

Skele-snuggles (it's getting cold outside!),


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stamp Details and A Fellow Kitty in Need of a Home

Howdy cats and kittens. Here is some more info on the NEW line of rubber stamps of yours truly that I posted about yesterday:
  • Prices are $13.80 per wood-mounted red rubber stamp
  • A 10% discount is available on full set of 4 stamps purchased from Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps /Stampa Fe Art Stamps.
  • Be sure to request the discount as we're in the early days here!
  • Krissi will have some available for local sale, but not for a couple of weeks. If you're in a hurry, give Guadalupe's a call!
Word on the street is that the town of and visitors to Santa Fe are absolutely loving these images, and folks are starting to snap 'em up like a kitty with canned tuna. This news makes me one happy puss!

Thanks to all of YOU for your support and encouragement. I know that I'm only here because you like me (you really like me).


Some of you may have read about Chip and Allyson at Body Tribe - the gym where Krissi works out. What you may not know is that both Chip and Al are also mucisians, art lovers (and Al is an artist) and, above all else, animal lovers. Here's a video Chip posted of a kitty whose luck is turning around since Chip found him. If you think you might be able to improve it even more, drop them a line at chip[at]bodytribe[dot]com.


>^..^< SK

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The First of the Stamps Are IN!

I just heard that the first of the rubber stamps featuring yours truly are AVAILABLE at Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps in Santa Fe, NM (just off the plaza)!

I understand from Krissi, who received an e-mail from the owners today, that they have on hand three of the designs (with the fourth in production as we speak): skele-sirena (me as a mermaid), "Welcome Home" (me rubbing legs) and "Play Time" (skelekitten with a ball of yarn).
"Skele-sirena" rubber stamp AVAILABLE NOW! "Welcome Home" rubber stamp AVAILABLE NOW! "Play Time" rubber stamp AVAILABLE NOW!

For those of you who, like Krissi & myself, are not fortunate enough to live in Santa Fe, despair not! The Stampa Fe online catalog will be updated soon with these designs & prices for online ordering. In the meantime, you can contact Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps directly by telephone at 877-982-9862 and order yourself up some stampage! Krissi is waiting to hear back on the pricing (we should have it tomorrow and will post it ASAP).

Of course, we'll also be sure to let all of our local friends know when we have them available in Sacramento. In the meantime, I'm trying to think up a good prize for folks who use these stamps in their art/crafts for trades, swaps, gifts, their walls, etc., so be sure to take lots of pics as you create! Maybe some Skelekitty bottlecap jewelry??



p.s. I also heard a rumor of a 10% discount for anyone who orders all four stamps through Stampa Fe/Guadalupe's Fun RS, so be sure to ask about it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ANOTHER Stamp Update

StampaFe Art Stamps let me know today that they have the plates for the Skelekitty stamps in hand! They're working on a big wholesale order (sounds like their business is doing well!), so we're looking at about two weeks until y'all can order stamps! Of course, I will make an announcement right here as soon as they're available for order.

I'm all kitty-happy, 'cause StampaFe is really going all out by putting an ad in Rubber Stamp Madness magazine for the Nov/Dec/Jan issue:
Rubber Stamp Madness ad nov/dec/jan 08

as well as one in the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild's "Quilt Fiesta" guide!
The Quilt Fiesta is a biennial quilt show held in October on even numbered years in one of my (and Krissi's) favorite towns, Santa Fe, NM. This year's Quilt Fiesta theme is Tradition Transformed: The New Art of Quilting, which, if I do say so myself, fits in pretty well with what we have going on over here - given that the first time I showed up, I was on a quilt!

I think I'll go have myself a little catnip and relax in a sunbeam. Life is good.



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stamp Update!

We checked in with the very busy StampaFe Art Stamps last weekend and received an update on the rubber stamps. They're still on schedule to be in the store by Day of the Dead - probably in about 3 weeks!

I'll be sure to let everyone know through my blog when they're available for ordering. I'll also be getting some to sell to my "local" pals, but I'll only have a few.  The stamps are also available to be purchased by retailers wishing to carry the stamps in their shops.

More info as soon as it reaches my little kitty ears!



Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Back on Etsy

One of my fans asked Krissi last night why there weren't any items featuring ME in her Etsy shop last night (thanks kellykellyw3!).  After receiving the kitty-stink-eye from me, Mom immediately added some prints back into the shop!  Don't forget that the bottlecap jewelry is still available with your fave image of ME!  Greeting cards will be added back in soon too - they used to be sold in singles (and still are at Side Show Studios and Grind & Groove in Sacramento), but I think I've talked her into making packs of 8 for Etsy to make the shipping worthwhile.
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Shop on!

With skelehugs


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Skelekitty postcards... still going out! Want one?

In celebration of Krissi's interview and limited edition free pattern release on PimpStitch today,  I talked her into sending out postcards to anyone who comments before the end of the week!

So just comment on the blog post (here or on the original post, whatever, I'm not a picky kitty), and follow these simple instructions to receive a post card in the mail (international comments WELCOME)!
  1. Read and follow these instructions:
  2. POST A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG - postings listed as "anonymous" do not qualify for this contest, but you don't have to give your real name or even link back to a profile....  Go on then!
  3. e-mail me with:
    • Your name
    • Your login/blogger/open id name (as it appears in your comment)
    • Your snail mail address
    • If you have a brick & mortar, please include the name of your venue (and what kind of business it is & I'll send you some extras if I still have them).

Happy stitching!

With Skele-Love,


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ArtsyGringa: Simple Shrine Frame Tutorial

Michele, a fellow crafty gringa, just started a blog-o-tutorials this (well last) month. She may be new to blogging, but she's a pro at the mixed-media folk arts!

Be sure to check out her "Simple Shrine Frame Tutorial" in plenty of time for you to take advantage of the techniques before Dia de los Muertos! She shows you how to make the perfect little nicho for your own Day of the Dead creations!
Just add a muertito (Of course, I don't have to tell you that mine will have a certain kitty in it).

She even inspires us all with her finished creations:
Have fun my little craftitas!

Wouldn't you agree that she's DEFINITELY earned a Skelekitty Stamp of Approval for her blog?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Skelekitty postcard - just post a comment!

Want one of these post cards to arrive in your snail mail box?
Skelekitty character and all images ©D.K. Sandvik

Just comment on this blog post. It's that easy! I'll send cards out to the first 10** who comment, or to everyone who comments before Saturday, September 6th, or until I run out of postcards, whichever happens first!

Post cards feature the four images being made into rubber stamps this fall by StampaFe Art Rubber Stamps (each image of me is just under 2" on the post cards).

OH!  And if you have a brick & mortar venue, I'll send you TEN postcards (to the first five venues)! Be sure to mention your store/shop/gallery/boutique/salon/gym... etc., in your comment.
  1. Read and follow these instructions:
  2. POST A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG - postings listed as "anonymous" do not qualify for this contest.
  3. e-mail me with:
    • Your name
    • Your login/blogger/open id name (as it appears in your comment)
    • Your snail mail address
    • If you have a brick & mortar, please include the name of your venue (and what kind of business it is).
I'll send all the post cards out on Monday, September 8th!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Night of the Crafters is tonight!

Those crazy girls of Scary CRAFT are doing their thing again tonight! You should join them.

Tonight, Dy of DyMa Creations is doing a Make & Take Tutorial that will knock your socks hats off!

Little Black Hats by DyMa Creations!

How do you think one of these hats would look on me? I think they would look fabulous AND they wouldn't cover my pretty ears!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Skelekitty (& more) Bottlecap Jewelry

It's true! Mom finally got off her butt and listed some bottlecap pendants featuring me (and some stupid shoes) on Etsy!

Each pendant comes on an 18 or 20" ball chain with clasp and is only $17 (earrings will soon be available for $20/pair).

These are also going to be carried at the one and only Grind & Groove in Midtown Sacramento (verrrrrry soon).

Here's one (of me):

More choices...

and even MORE choices!
More bottlecap choices

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's For Keeps Now!

Well skeleboys and skelegirls, all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed! That means that the four designs of little ol' me will be sent off to the engravers any day, and we'll have rubber skelestamps to play with soon.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in the Santa Fe area, you'll be able to drop in on Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps this Fall for your Skelekitty stamps by StampaFe!

If you're actually near Santa Fe, you should wander up to this awesome little store RIGHT NOW and check out all of the non-Skelekitty goodness (of which there is much, like Our Lady of Rubber and more). The class list is pretty darned amazing too (I bet I would be lots of fun "helping" with those). They're just off the Plaza and up a flight. You have no excuses, really.

Of course, quite a few of us live outside of the Santa Fe, NM area (yours truly, included). Luckily for all of us, all of the stamps designed by StampaFe are available for secure online purchase here. The women of Our Lady and StampaFe are in the process of moving all of the ordering onto the interwebs, but it's not a Big Box Store operation (thankfully!), so only StampaFe designs can be put in your virtual shopping basket. HOWEVER, be not deterred! You can download pdf catalogs for Our Lady of Rubber (my personal favorite - lots of muertos!) and Willard Clark's Santa Fe/Southwest designs. They also have four pages of Kate Cartwright's stunning goddess stamps for your viewing pleasure. Write down what ya want and give the nice folks there a call to confirm prices and order whatever stamps your heard desires (psssst! They're really nice there).

I hope you are all doing well! Skelekitty rubs to you.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Kitty LOVES Linky Love

Giving is great - don't get me wrong. Oh, but receiving linky love makes this kitty squeeze her eyes with sheer feline happiness!

In the middle of her Spread the Sparkle Tour to launch the new line of Crafty Chica (by Duncan) craft supplies, kits and products, Kathy Cano-Murillo posted about the line of Skelekitty stamps coming out this Fall! Thanks so very, Miss Kathy!

My mom finally finished writing part 1 of reviews on the goodies she brought home from Michael's - all sporting the Crafty Chica label (no catnip - what's she thinking?). If she doesn't get distracted with all the pretty glitters, I think the rest of the product review(s) should be up this week.

Well, it's kitty-nap-time.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Awesome Site for Mixed-Media Addicts

I just found this wonderful site featuring weekly challenges by guest artists from around the world: MIXED-MEDIA MONDAY - the newest recipient of the SKSoA! This week's challenge is a fun one by Joan from Italy - you've heard of "inchies" and "twinchies," but now we have an official challenge to make a "thrinchie" (whichas you might imagine, is 3"x3" artwork).

Want to participate? Here's an explanation right from the source:

How to Participate
Create your mixed media piece, according to the current theme and upload it to your blog, or picture trail etc., then add a link to Mixed Media Monday. Then post a comment on Mixed Media Monday with a direct link to your artwork.

You all know I'm a kitty who craves a challenge, so I'm thrilled to get my paws on this site. Thanks so much for the lovely and talented Collage Contessa, who linked to this and led to my discovery!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

I am being immortalized in rubber stamps!

Special thanks to Lee Kellogg of Stampa Fe Rubber Stamps for taking me on! We met Lee at her AWESOME store, Guadalupe Rubber Stamps in Santa Fe, NM during a visit in May and she fell in love with me (how could you not?)

More special thanks to Kathy Murillo (aka The Crafty Chica) for convincing my Mom, Krissi, that she could actually do something like this and to Yoli Manzo (aka Sacred Snatch) for her undying support and willingness to listen.

Stay tuned for more information like contests, prices and the release date, which should be in early October!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blogs that make me go PURRRRRRR

Readers of my Mom's blog will know that I've been busy creating a list of my favorite crafty & artsy bloggers, and I'm awarding the "Skelekitty Stamp of Approval" to bloggers who are super creative and inspirational (tutorials are like catnip to me).

When you're cruisin' the web, check these folks out. You'll be SO glad you did! Also, if I'm missing a GREAT blog, please nominate them for the SK SoA! If you're listed, ask me how you can put my "stamp" on your site.

Love & bones, SK
p.s. I've added quite a few more since this list was created - be sure to check ALL of them out!

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