Monday, November 10, 2008

Which ONE would YOU wear?

Howdy cats and kittens!

Well, never let it be said that this kitty lets the grass grow under her paws! The rubber stamps are still being poured, assembled and mailed out to folks and here I am looking at the reality of the very first SKELEKITTY TEE SHIRT, but I need your assistance in picking the design. We will only be offering one design first, and we want it to do well so that we can offer more designs in the future!


Here is the plan thus far: we'll be getting American Apparel "girlie" shirts in several sizes from M-XXL (they run SMALL - click here for a size chart). The design will be silk screened on a black tee with high quality white "ink" plus one or two color inks, depending on which design we do: green for the mermaid tail, pink or purple yarn, red for the heart and red for the shoes/tattoo/cherries with green for the cherry stems. We're looking at using the same people who did Suzi Boneshaker's awesome tees (Krissi has both of Suzi's designs and they pass her tough quality assurance tests). 

So what do you need to do? VOTE! Yeah, I know, you thought we were done voting last Tuesday (nice job, America, by the way). There's a poll at the top right of my blog, so just cast your vote for your mostest favoritest tee design. Remember we'll only be doing one shirt, at least for now, which design should it be?

Feel free to comment if you have more input on colors, sizes, shirt styles or anything else!

Skele-snuggles (it's getting cold outside!),



  1. oooh, I would wear them all! they are soooo cute. I guess the first design is my absolute favorite though -- the skele kitty rubbing on the skelly girl's leg.
    eKo art

  2. It's a tough decision because i love them all! For me it's a tie between the ball of yarn and the heart.

  3. I love the heart skelekitty the best. Although I would be a big fan of the hot pink converse on a t-shirt!

  4. Karen - hot pink converse, eh? That's totally doable (if I can ever find the time!)

  5. I like both the heart & the ball of yarn, but would probably choose the heart! <3

  6. I love (no pun intended) the heart one for a t-shirt. I think it's simplicity and bold design would stand out best when wearing it and and being on the move. Also, because I think the brain processes the heart symbol very quickly, it will lead the eye up to the kitty - which would both draw eyes up to to the kitty (which you want as "branding" for marketing purposes) and also prevent prolonged boobie stares (though depending on the wearer that may be inevitable! LOL!).

    That said, the rubbing against the legs design is very appealing as well. I'd love to have it printed right up below the neck hem, so the design seems to be coming down as though there were more "hidden" under the neck hem (sorry if that isn't too clear, it's hard to describe what I mean as I don't sew, so "hem" is the only word I can think of for the folded-over part of the fabric around the neck) - I wouldn't want any printing on the "hem", but aligned right up against it.

    I'd also love to have the heart shirt in white as well as black!

    Hope that helps! -osofine- (Samantha Fine)

  7. Hi Krissi how unique choice is the mermaid but Im the Funky Siren so Im biased but I aske the rest of my family and they all chose the same as me. Tell you the truth I would do them all they are really cute. I also was thinking that the cat one full body without the legs would be simplified but I can imagine would stand out. I did like the whole body showing but felt it too busy with the legs. I reckon you have a great seller no matter which one you use really gorgeous and I can see them been a great hit...YOU GO GIRL!!! smiles Michelle

  8. I just realized that I could click and blow-up the image and having looked more closely I'd like to add that I love the other two designs as well. The ball of yarn has a similar "quick to process" iconic feel to it, though I still think the heart is a bolder statement. The mermaid is soooo cute - I also looked at Suzi's page that you linked to and I think it would be great on a bag if you ever did those!

    Also, I want to say again that the the leg-rubbing one would really be great the way I described (it might need to be tilted or cropped, I'm not sure) as there would also be those adorable cherries around the neckline!

    So I'm still picking "Heart" as my #1, but really, I don't think you could really go wrong with any of them, they are all so cool! Good luck with it, and please let me know (maybe message again through suziblu) when you have the shirts done! -sam-

    p.s. I couldn't really see what the shirt designs were, but I do prefer the fitted baby-doll, curved at the waist, scoop neckline shirts over boxier men's-like t-shirts.

  9. Samantha & Michelle,

    I couldn't have stated it better myself. I didn't even plan on offering the kitty rubbing legs as a rubber stamp (she's great in color as a print or on cards), but I was outvoted by ... well, just about everyone.

    Samantha - I like your idea of simplicity for a t-shirt and I don't know of any boobies which are lacking appreciation in this world. LOL! Thank you SO much for your insightful comments!!!!!!

    Michelle - The skele-sirena definitely has a dedicated following, no two ways about it! She was originally created for a mermaid loving friend of mine last March on the Crafty Chica cruise (and I KNOW which way she's voting)!

  10. Good points, Samantha. I'll add a link to some American apparel designs in the blog.

  11. Love them all, but the kitty with the girl is my fav.


  12. I voted for the heart but really it's a toss up between that and the leg rubbing. The tail going through the leg is just outstanding. I would proudly wear either one.

  13. I love the heart one.
    Goodluck :)
    Bek xo

  14. Jack and I love them all ... so it's a hard decision. For me personally, either legs or the heart. Jack said he'd wear the ball of yarn. As for t-shirt style, well anything lower inthe neckline and made for us "girlie-shaped" girls would be great - guys shirts make me look like a giant brick!!!

  15. Thanks Denise, Madge & Bek! I know how much people just love the kitty rubbing the legs, but I'm pleased to see the heart design doing so well.

    Bekah - Yep, we're doing the girlie tees for certain - I just added a couple of links for info into the blog. I don't know how I would ever manage it, but I'll have to figure out a way to get Jack a mens' tee with the kitten & ball of yarn on it (might have to be a handpainted custom job).

  16. I couldn't decide between the heart and the kitty walking beside the girl, but I finally voted for the heart. I would not be able to wear them due to the sizes offered (I'm a plus size) but I would definitely buy one for my daughter.
    Luv that skele-kitty!

  17. The designs are all so cute it's really hard to pick just one. I love seeing the whole kitty, but I also really like the yarn and the heart. I actually voted for the ball of yarn. I think doing a canvas bag would also be very cool.


  18. I'm one of those who love Skelekitty and the legs girls, so that one has my vote!

  19. Oh, I know you wanted me to pick from the 4 but......I really like the stamp! I think if you made that a t-shirt that would be really cool!

  20. Nancy - I hear you on the sizes as I can just barely wear the 2XL (and I'm a size 16). I think I will do a couple larger sizes in the unisex tee, especially since I have friends who like to DIY those puppies up!

    Jet - Thanks! I am looking into other items for the kitty and totes would be the first on the list! I'm picky though, and want a high quality canvas bag and screen. I need to shop around.

    Kiff - I know girlie! Hey, guess what, you get both Ron and I in the jury pool room with you on the 15th - we were BOTH called!

    Cindy - The stamp of approval? ROFLMAO! You know, that just might work!

  21. That's hilarious! I'll see you guys then. I'm forewarning you, I might be a little brain dead since I finish finals the Friday before, but have a growing list of questions to ask my favorite mixed-media artist.

  22. Although I am not a big t-shirt person, I would mos def rawk the corazon Gatito

  23. All fab designs. But...Skelekitty has my heart...the heart design wins. So glad you're doin the fem t's. I look like such a frump in those unisex t's. Can't wait to order one of these Krissi!

  24. My actual fave is the kitty rubbing the girl's legs but I think the heart one probably would do best as a first release.

  25. Oooh, I adore the skeleton kitty rubbing on the skelly legs! I can see teenagers really liking it...I know I do!!!!

  26. Boy, this was a toughie... I LOVE rubbing legs but wondered if it would be too busy for people to instantly "get it". Know what I mean? So, I went for my second fave and that was the mermaid, which I see is NOT in first place. Although I like hearts, I don't like that I can't see enough of skelekitty!! :o) Your skelekitty design is GREAT and I would want a shirt that shows it off to the utmost! Oh, I'm debmarie, a fellow Blu-ster, in case ya care. lol :o)

    hugs... debmarie

  27. I agree, they're ALL great!

    1) kitty on legs (my fav)
    2) kitty in heart (would look great on a t and more simple)
    3) kitty w/ string (also cute!)
    4) kitty mermaid (too hard to tell what she is on a t-shirt. In my opinion.)

  28. Damn, I like them all and would wear them all. However if you are looking for an opinion on 1 design I would go for the one with the black heart.


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