Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stamps in Stock and a new Print

The initial order of Skelekitty rubber stamps arrived from Santa Fe yesterday and are available for purchase on Krissi's Etsy site at $14.00 each or a set of all 4 for $50. If you don't have an Etsy account (it's free to join and shop, so you should!), just e-mail Krissi and tell her which and how many stamps you would like to order and she'll send you an invoice, easy as pie.

"Play Time" Skelekittyrubber stamp
"Play Time" - Skelekitten with yarn

"Time for Love" Skelekitty rubber stamp
"Always Time for Love" Skelekitty with heart

"Welcome Home" Skelekitty rubber stamp
"Welcome Home" Skelekitty rubbing skeleton legs (with cool shoes)

"Skele-Sirena" Skelekitty rubber stamp
Skele-sirena - Skelekitty as a mermaid

She has also created a new print and made it available on Etsy. It's the angel-kitten from her original mixed-media piece, Love Cats in an 8x10" (well, 10x8" really) print.

She looks a little like me, just with wings and fur.  The print is only $15 (plus CA tax if you're a resident). She's a perfect holiday gift. Not "into" kitties (GASP!)? There are several other works available as 8x10 prints too, so check it out.

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