Friday, July 24, 2009

What's Your Poison?

I'm not really into licensing out my little kitty face that much, not because I don't want to ('cause we know how self-centered I am - I'm a CAT after all!), but because the "big" thing hasn't really come along yet. However, I do like to get involved with the handmade community whenever I can - hence the licensing of my cute little mug to Stampa Fe for rubber stamps. But did you know that I also have agreements in place with a few of my favorite artists, allowing them to make and sell official Skelekitty merchandise? Yep. It is the truth.

I'm very excited to tell you about a brand spanking new joint venture with the lovely and gifted Kit Cameo, blogger, writer, cat-lover, geekery aficionado artist and friend.


We've collaborated on a project / product that involves this image of me, some bar ware and Kit's not inconsiderable gift for etching, all of which resulted in "Skelekitty Poison Shot Glasses."

Guess Who? (sneak peek!)

Now you can "name your poison" and drink it too (silly kitty).

Skelekitty shot glasses by KIT CAMEO!

7/30/09 - UPDATE!! Well, the first two etched shot glasses have been sold! However, if you're dying to have one (or more), contact Kit.  You should also check out her other wares in her ArtFire studio and Etsy shop.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My First Fan Art!

A long-time friend of Krissi's, Denise, who is a fan of both LOST and Skelekitty (that would be me), suggested mixing together images from the show and of me for her next piece of art. Well before even a sketch could be done over here, look what Denise e-mailed us!

Hmmmm....  I wonder what kind of goings-on would happen at The Dharma Initiative's "Skelekitty Station."

This first piece of Skelekitty fan art DEFINITELY earns Denise a Skelekitty Stamp of Approval.

Now I'm just waiting for that first Skelekitty fan tattoo!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Skelekitty & Friends' Shop is Now Open on Etsy

Hey there skelecats and skelekittens - I finally got around to opening up my very own shop on Etsy called "Skelekitty and Friends." Although Krissi will continue to carry prints & merchandise of me and my friends in her store, my online store will be your ultimate one-stop skelecritter shop!

I worked yesterday afternoon to post the most popular skelecritter prints ($16 each), and some are even available with custom hand embellishments ($25 each). Shipping is free on your second print (up to five), and be sure to ask about a discount on multiple print/card purchases, too.
I'm photographing and posting more original art - it just takes me a little more time than it takes you humans on accounta my lack of thumbs. Not only are existing pieces still going up on the site, but Krissi is busy working on two new paintings already - I think she's taking advantage of how fast-drying acrylic paints are in this weather.


In the meantime, head over to Etsy (where it's free to register and shop) and add my shop to your favorites and you will be entered into a drawing to win an embellished print of the Angel Kitty from Love Cats:I'll choose the winner next Friday, July 24th from those who publicly "" my shop (yeah, that means you secret admirers won't be entered, so ya gotta 'fess up!).

I hope you've got something hip and cool planned for the upcoming midsummer weekend. I'll probably just put my paws up, grab a cold drink and snooze, occasionally checking into see how many people "love" me! (skele-kidding).

Summer skele-love,


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dirty Dog of A Pirate!

Look!  It's another "jolly roger" inspired painting featuring one of my Skelefriends!  

Krissi painted this little custom acrylic on wood for her friend Hezekiah of his beloved Weimaraner, Logan, complete with "happy ears."
Since she doesn't do as many skele-dog paintings as she does of me (which is exactly as it should be), Krissi has made slightly altered prints that are now available in her Etsy shop.  As with all of her 8x10" prints, you can get them as-is or hand embellished. 

Oh, and speaking of Etsy, I want to open up my own shop over there, but someone who has never had a single has taken my name!  (insert gasp of horror here)   So what do you think I should call my shop?  "Skelekitty N Friends" maybe?  Or do I just give up on Etsy and try another online shopping site?  We'd love to hear your feedback.
We hope you enjoy the new doggie painting.  Who knows what critters or images will show up in the next "jolly roger" painting?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I lied

I lied
Originally uploaded by Skelekitty (Krissi Sandvik)
NOW it's finished.

AND the layers upon layers (upon layers) of gel medium & glazing liquid / paint have dried so the "cloudiness" that was apparent in the in progress photos is finally gone.

"Poison" is an 8x10" acrylic on wood painting and is priced to sell at only $50 (plus CA sales tax - if you're in CA, and $7 shipping/insurance).

I've already had several inquiries, but as of this posting, this lovely little "Jolly Roger" version of your favorite, feisty skeleton kitty is still available.

A little low on scratch? Worry not. Prints are also available for an even better price of $16 each (and if you purchase more than one print, shipping on the rest -up to 5- is FREE!)

"Poison" is finished!

It's an 8x10 acrylic on wood with a high gloss finish (satin finish on skull/bones).

It's not perfectly dry yet, so the transparency will improve a bit - better photo coming in a day or two.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Store With Skelekitty Stamps!

While Krissi and Ron were away on their semi-working trip / vacation, they stopped into the rubber stamp store called "Paws on Main" in Cambria, CA (famous for its location just south of Hearst Castle and for being the town where Arachnaphobia was filmed). Krissi came home with quite a few new stampy goodies and replenished her almost-empty Stickles in "Orange Peel" while she was at it.

from "Paws On Main" in Cambria, CA

While Krissi was all deer-in-the-headlights at the stamps, inks and other good stuff, Ron, as usual, was talking me up to the owner of the store. Karen (that's the owner) immediately got excited upon hearing that rubber stamps of a retro-ish Day of the Dead kitty cat (1) actually existed and (2) could be ordered wholesale for her shop. About 2 days later, I received an e-mail from Lee at Stampa Fe telling me that she was packing up an order to go out to Paws on Main! WOO HOO!

So, if you're on California's central coast, stop by Cambria and tell Karen at Paws on Main howdy (she's super nice) and help keep this kitty in skele-kibble by getting yourself AT LEAST one of those rubber stamps, would ya?

All of the above goes DOUBLE for Cyndi of Santa Clarita Craft Lab who was the very first small business to carry my stamps.

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