Friday, July 17, 2009

Skelekitty & Friends' Shop is Now Open on Etsy

Hey there skelecats and skelekittens - I finally got around to opening up my very own shop on Etsy called "Skelekitty and Friends." Although Krissi will continue to carry prints & merchandise of me and my friends in her store, my online store will be your ultimate one-stop skelecritter shop!

I worked yesterday afternoon to post the most popular skelecritter prints ($16 each), and some are even available with custom hand embellishments ($25 each). Shipping is free on your second print (up to five), and be sure to ask about a discount on multiple print/card purchases, too.
I'm photographing and posting more original art - it just takes me a little more time than it takes you humans on accounta my lack of thumbs. Not only are existing pieces still going up on the site, but Krissi is busy working on two new paintings already - I think she's taking advantage of how fast-drying acrylic paints are in this weather.


In the meantime, head over to Etsy (where it's free to register and shop) and add my shop to your favorites and you will be entered into a drawing to win an embellished print of the Angel Kitty from Love Cats:I'll choose the winner next Friday, July 24th from those who publicly "" my shop (yeah, that means you secret admirers won't be entered, so ya gotta 'fess up!).

I hope you've got something hip and cool planned for the upcoming midsummer weekend. I'll probably just put my paws up, grab a cold drink and snooze, occasionally checking into see how many people "love" me! (skele-kidding).

Summer skele-love,


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  1. Congrats!! I am so happy for you!! This is a big deal and I hope you are very proud!!! I hope to visit this weekend!! Cheers


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