Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dirty Dog of A Pirate!

Look!  It's another "jolly roger" inspired painting featuring one of my Skelefriends!  

Krissi painted this little custom acrylic on wood for her friend Hezekiah of his beloved Weimaraner, Logan, complete with "happy ears."
Since she doesn't do as many skele-dog paintings as she does of me (which is exactly as it should be), Krissi has made slightly altered prints that are now available in her Etsy shop.  As with all of her 8x10" prints, you can get them as-is or hand embellished. 

Oh, and speaking of Etsy, I want to open up my own shop over there, but someone who has never had a single has taken my name!  (insert gasp of horror here)   So what do you think I should call my shop?  "Skelekitty N Friends" maybe?  Or do I just give up on Etsy and try another online shopping site?  We'd love to hear your feedback.
We hope you enjoy the new doggie painting.  Who knows what critters or images will show up in the next "jolly roger" painting?

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