Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Goody Giveaway!

So, Krissi's pal, fellow sewing enthusiast, artist, makeup fiend and general cool chick, Mo "Miss Awesome" Love over at Madd Style Designs has been coming up with all kinds of lip treats over the past few months and Krissi (a self-confessed lip balm addict) has collected most of Mo's Hard Core Lip Bombs, which come in all kinds of flavors, from cotton candy to spicy chai and from grape soda to margaritas!
Pink Poison 'Tainted Lip Bomb' (L) &
Skelekitty 'Hard Core Lip Bomb' (R)
by Madd Style Designs & inpired
by Skelekitty

Now Mo is crafting up "Tainted Lip Bombs" with tints inspired by and named after the artists, crafters and characters with whom she collaborates.   (Oh, and speaking of collaboration, there will be an announcement of some group-type evil-making involving glitter very, very soon, so stay tuned).  Because not everyone wants color in their lip product, every one of these flavors also comes in an untinted version.

Mo's first tinted Lip Bomb was made as an homage to Cherry West of Sweets N Stuff (and this fabulous lipstick red beauty has already made it into a few Etsy treasuries!)

Pink Poison in action!
Then, a week or so back, two of Madd Style's coveted "Lip Bombz" were introduced with a Skelekitty theme - how exciting!  As with the cherry flavored Sweets N Stuff / Cherry Bomb duo, you have the choice between a tinted and an untinted version of this watermelon flavored tasty treat.  Pink Poison Tainted Lip Bomb (named after the Skelekitty skull/crossbones painting featured on most of my pages), has a soft pink tint and shimmer that will make you look as pretty as a picture and the untinted "Skelekitty" Hard Core Lip Bomb is packed with so much shimmer and sparkle it should be illegal.
Want more proof that you NEED a Skelekitty
Hard Core Lip Bombz?  How 'bout this?

Well thrill of thrills, I managed to get my little skelepaws on an extra one of the untinted, super shimmery, sparkly "Skelekitty" Hard Core Lip Bombz so I could give it away randomly to one of our fans!   It's super easy to enter.*
  1. Become a follower of this blog and of Mo's Madd Style blog
  2. Leave a comment** on this original post (on telling Mo and Krissi why you'd like this lip balm (again, winner will be chosen by random).

Our winner will be chosen from qualifying entries on Thursday, July 15th at 2pm PST.  Good luck everyone!

Oh, and you KNOW Mo's stuff gets one of these, right?

*  pssst!  Don't have a blogger account?  Don't worry!  You can also enter on Facebook.
**thanks to bad people who spam, all comments must be approved by Krissi - don't worry, yours will show up!.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gift Tags - Not Just for Xmas Anymore

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but DON'T PANIC!  You don't need to give diamonds, expensive champagne or even fancy chocolates to show that you love someone. Really.  You don't.

How about making a gift yourself? Not too crafty?  Set a small dollar limit and find something that represents a private joke or has sentimental value.  You could even buy handmade or from a local shop for extra points. Once you have your soon-to-be-treasured gift in hand, you can download and use these FREE gift tags with my cute little face from "Always Time For Love" on them.

DIRECTIONS:   Click on the tag below and you will be taken to my Flickr account.  Click the "all sizes" icon (it looks like a little magnifying glass with a + inside).  Choose the original size and download it to your computer.  Then all you have to do is print it out on your favorite 8.5x11" paper and cut it out.

Want a Sheet of These??

Well, what are you waiting for? THEY'RE FREE!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kitty Paintings on SALE and T-Shirt Announcement

Personally, I think Krissi has lost her mind.  Maybe it's just the fumes from the spray-fixative, but she has reduced the price of every single mixed-media painting in her shop.  I'm not kidding, even the larger paintings of ME, and she never puts these on sale!

Now she's telling me that she's STILL giving a free print with each of these pieces too!  *sigh*  Whatever.  I suppose if she wants to give away the store, I'm no-one to stand in the way.

Siren Song NOW ONLY $114.49
11x14x.75" pyrography, acrylic and mixed-media on cradled hardwood artist panel 
price reduced by $50 (was $164.49)
"Siren Song"  FINISHED!
The 3/4" thick edges are painted gold and have lines from Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "The Mermaid" transferred on them: "And if I should carol aloud, from aloft / All things that are forked, and horned, and soft / Would lean out from the hollow sphere of the sea, / All looking down for the love of me"
Sides of "Siren Song"

And these pieces spent the month of December in The Claude Gallery in New York! How exciting!

The Two Sides of Skelekitty NOW ONLY $224.49 for the pair
11x14x.75" pyrography, acrylic and mixed-media on cradled hardwood artist panels 
price reduced by $75 (was $299.49) & you get 2 free prints
The Two Sides of Skelekitty (set)

The "angel" painting features images of stars & winged locks, and the swirling clouds and her wings are highlighted with ultra-fine archival iridescent art glitter. The "devil" painting has images of keys rising in the hellfire, which has been detailed with three colors (yellow, orange and red) of ultra-fine archival art glitter.
2 Sides of Skelekitty

Now, at long last, we have enough kibble stashed away in the piggy bank to begin the great T-shirt adventure!
First Skelekitty T-Shirt (mock up)
Krissi just needs to pull together the art and get worked into the schedule of the local artist/musician who will be burning the screens and making the shirts.  We should have pre-orders up in our shop within a week for those who want to be sure to get the size they want.  Keep an eye out for announcements!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Great 2009 & More Kitty in 2010!

Thanks to the wonderful and inspirational San Smith and her posts on creating visual lists, Krissi did both a 2009 year-in-review and created goals for the coming year.   As you can see, I show up at the top of both lists.

2009 Accomplishments - YAY ME!
  1. broadened network and Skelekitty fan-base (facebook fan page, twitter, etc)
  2. (up and running)!
  3. improved art techniques with practice
  4. gallery shows outside of Sacramento and California
  5. taught first classes (mixed-media classes at Santa Clarita Craft Lab)
  6. helped build Abby's confidence (OK, so its not really a career accomplishment, but if you'd met this dog when we found her, you'd agree that this is worth noting)
  7. shop open (Skelekitty & Friends)
  8. accepted commissions (from friends)
  9. accepted custom orders (from anyone)
  10. took portrait class

GOALS (the blank page is for our mid-year evaluation & reassessment)

2010 Goals, part 1
Again, I'm right at the top of the list, but most importantly, with a recent gift and a sale today, Krissi is very close to accomplishing goal #2!
  1. new Skelekitty rubber stamps 
  2. (Skelekitty) tee shirts, make 'em, sell 'em
  3. 3rd Saturday vendor show (with Juli Nocita - stamps, shirts, prints)
  4. take figure drawing and/or additional portrait class
  5. teach mixed-media at VOX Sacramento
  6. get (art) into 3 or more new galleries
  7. re-create
  8. paint, sketch or write DAILY
  9. make shop self-sustaining
  10. create on a larger scale (more paintings, larger sizes)

What are YOUR accomplishments and goals?

Intense Debate Comments


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