Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Great 2009 & More Kitty in 2010!

Thanks to the wonderful and inspirational San Smith and her posts on creating visual lists, Krissi did both a 2009 year-in-review and created goals for the coming year.   As you can see, I show up at the top of both lists.

2009 Accomplishments - YAY ME!
  1. broadened network and Skelekitty fan-base (facebook fan page, twitter, etc)
  2. (up and running)!
  3. improved art techniques with practice
  4. gallery shows outside of Sacramento and California
  5. taught first classes (mixed-media classes at Santa Clarita Craft Lab)
  6. helped build Abby's confidence (OK, so its not really a career accomplishment, but if you'd met this dog when we found her, you'd agree that this is worth noting)
  7. shop open (Skelekitty & Friends)
  8. accepted commissions (from friends)
  9. accepted custom orders (from anyone)
  10. took portrait class

GOALS (the blank page is for our mid-year evaluation & reassessment)

2010 Goals, part 1
Again, I'm right at the top of the list, but most importantly, with a recent gift and a sale today, Krissi is very close to accomplishing goal #2!
  1. new Skelekitty rubber stamps 
  2. (Skelekitty) tee shirts, make 'em, sell 'em
  3. 3rd Saturday vendor show (with Juli Nocita - stamps, shirts, prints)
  4. take figure drawing and/or additional portrait class
  5. teach mixed-media at VOX Sacramento
  6. get (art) into 3 or more new galleries
  7. re-create
  8. paint, sketch or write DAILY
  9. make shop self-sustaining
  10. create on a larger scale (more paintings, larger sizes)

What are YOUR accomplishments and goals?

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