Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why, That Looks Just Like Me!

Remember my pal, Santana, who dressed up as Skelekitty for Halloween this year?

Look what she made for Krissi - it's ME, all decked out with some holiday spirit!  And let me say again, this little figurine was hand sculpted and hand painted by Santana herself.  Now THAT, my friends, is what we mean when we say "GIVE HANDMADE" for the holidays! 
Skelekitty Santa by Santana P.

She even hand delivered it in this super cool hand decorated, glittery (yay!) mini-tote. It's just the right size for a kitty toy and some catnip (just for medicinal purposes only, you know).
Skelekitty Santa by Santana P.

As always, if you have some Skelekitty fan art to share, please send pics and I'll post it.

Much Skele-love,


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