Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stamp Details and A Fellow Kitty in Need of a Home

Howdy cats and kittens. Here is some more info on the NEW line of rubber stamps of yours truly that I posted about yesterday:
  • Prices are $13.80 per wood-mounted red rubber stamp
  • A 10% discount is available on full set of 4 stamps purchased from Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps /Stampa Fe Art Stamps.
  • Be sure to request the discount as we're in the early days here!
  • Krissi will have some available for local sale, but not for a couple of weeks. If you're in a hurry, give Guadalupe's a call!
Word on the street is that the town of and visitors to Santa Fe are absolutely loving these images, and folks are starting to snap 'em up like a kitty with canned tuna. This news makes me one happy puss!

Thanks to all of YOU for your support and encouragement. I know that I'm only here because you like me (you really like me).


Some of you may have read about Chip and Allyson at Body Tribe - the gym where Krissi works out. What you may not know is that both Chip and Al are also mucisians, art lovers (and Al is an artist) and, above all else, animal lovers. Here's a video Chip posted of a kitty whose luck is turning around since Chip found him. If you think you might be able to improve it even more, drop them a line at chip[at]bodytribe[dot]com.


>^..^< SK

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