Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stamp Update!

We checked in with the very busy StampaFe Art Stamps last weekend and received an update on the rubber stamps. They're still on schedule to be in the store by Day of the Dead - probably in about 3 weeks!

I'll be sure to let everyone know through my blog when they're available for ordering. I'll also be getting some to sell to my "local" pals, but I'll only have a few.  The stamps are also available to be purchased by retailers wishing to carry the stamps in their shops.

More info as soon as it reaches my little kitty ears!




  1. Yay for Skelekitty! Can't wait! Perfect for Dias de los Muertos! :)

  2. Heck yes! I'll take one or two or 100 of those little jpuppies. OOOppps, I mean kitties!!


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