Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Skelekitty postcard - just post a comment!

Want one of these post cards to arrive in your snail mail box?
Skelekitty character and all images ©D.K. Sandvik

Just comment on this blog post. It's that easy! I'll send cards out to the first 10** who comment, or to everyone who comments before Saturday, September 6th, or until I run out of postcards, whichever happens first!

Post cards feature the four images being made into rubber stamps this fall by StampaFe Art Rubber Stamps (each image of me is just under 2" on the post cards).

OH!  And if you have a brick & mortar venue, I'll send you TEN postcards (to the first five venues)! Be sure to mention your store/shop/gallery/boutique/salon/gym... etc., in your comment.
  1. Read and follow these instructions:
  2. POST A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG - postings listed as "anonymous" do not qualify for this contest.
  3. e-mail me with:
    • Your name
    • Your login/blogger/open id name (as it appears in your comment)
    • Your snail mail address
    • If you have a brick & mortar, please include the name of your venue (and what kind of business it is).
I'll send all the post cards out on Monday, September 8th!


  1. Wow, I am sooo honored to be on your approval list :) And honestly, you inspire me more than I could possible inspire you. Thank you, thank you , thank you, I always wanted a seal of approval!

  2. que cool are selekitty...she has so much spunk and so much personality...



  3. Pick me, pick me, pick me...

    (You can't see this, but I am wildly waving my hand in the air)

  4. hi, im Razz. First time writer, long time stalker...uh. :)
    oh, id adore a card! yay!
    I'm a newbie to the craft selling and find your site inspiring! thanks!

  5. Hell yeah, i'll take one of those. Thanks for pimping me out!! I could definitely use the exposure! Mich

  6. Free swag! Gotta have!!! Going to see Spazmatics tonight in Reno...80's cover band out of S.F. Will think of Skelekitty on the way! thanks kristi

  7. Very cool ... I'll have you send it to Jack, he'll be thrilled!!

  8. Oh, I just found your blog but I would wildly appreciate a cool postcard. ^_^


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