Friday, October 2, 2009

More Ghoulish Goodies

The Artfire Ghouls Guild TRICK OR TREAT 2009 continues today with coupon codes and sales from 13 of our members (how lucky is THAT for you?), a scavenger hunt and two more featured artists, Huckleberry Arts and one of my new favorite crazy girls, Christine St. Onge of 2 of Mind and Spirit.

Annette Gambrel

I don't recall a time in my life where something was not being created. I don't ever see not having time in the day where something isn’t made.

Being an artist has been a gift I couldn't be more proud of, the people I have met each one touches me in their own little way, some more than they know. I enjoy the process of meeting new collectors that enjoy my lil creations. It’s a wonderful gift to be given and to be able to share with others, and hopefully bring a smile into another’s life along the way.


and a very creative (and all around fun) person,

Christine St.Onge

I love to create all kinds of things. I've tried so many crafts at least once just to see how they're made. I make one of a kind items because we are all one of a kind.

Just remember.. You are unique! Just like everyone else! Revel in your individuality!


The lucky winner of yesterday's prize giveaway was Drucilla!  She won this awesome set of handmade mini Halloween cards by She's Batty Designs.

Stay tuned for another prize giveaway tomorrow - this time it will be a free digital Halloween party invitation custom created by Rouxbee Design Studio.

Oh, and have I mentioned that yours truly will be giving away a hand embellished 8x10" print of "Goin' Batty" soon.  When?  Well, that would be telling....

Bugs & Hisses,


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