Sunday, April 26, 2009

New SKSoA Recipients!

Every now and then while I'm perusing the interwebs, something sparkly catches my little Skelekitty-eye and I purr with delight. Whenever this happens, I try to give recognition in the form of a link to said shiny thing and award the creator with the Skelekitty Stamp of Approval. Any blog or company who receives this ... err ... "award" is entitled to add the stamp to their website and they are added to my list of favorite sites.(actual cash value of SKSoA equal to less than 1/100th of a cent).

Today's inductees include Patrick Murillo, someone whose Day of the Dead paintings I've long admired and whom I was able to meet about a year ago. Since then, I am (and Krissi is too) proud to have him listed among our friends. Patrick just started an awesome new site called Mantastic Crafts which he describes as McGuyer-meets-Batman-meets-Survivor Man with a shot of Inspector Gadget. And yeah, even Gilligan pops up every now and then. Be sure to link over and bookmark it!

I was looking through my links to make sure my favorites were listed and realized today that, while I awarded an SKSoA to the Santa Clarita Craft Lab recently, I hadn't added them to my list. BAD KITTY! I'm fixing that today.

So, what I'm saying is .... stalk my friends (but do it nicely).



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