Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Classy Kitty in So. Cal.

Hi everyone! I wanted to let y'all know that Krissi will be teaching some of the layering, shading and image transfer techniques (as seen in Angel/Devil Skelekitty and "Siren Song" )on June 19th in So. Cal. at the Santa Clarita Craft Lab.

6/19/09 Class at Santa Clarita Craft Lab!
The collage project is a simple stylized heart with wings and a crown, but there are so many different ways to layer the elements that everyone's should look very different!

Here is a picture of the two samples Krissi made using the same box of supplies and identical techniques.  One is brightly colored and the other has a "steampunk" feel to it (complete with a moving spinner).

Wanna sign up?  The class is $40 per student and includes all supplies. Class size is limited to 10 lucky creative-types (and we already have three signed up without listing or advertising yet!).

Go to and sign up for their newsletter to receive the June calendar, or just contact them (Tuesday through Sunday) to reserve your spot today! Be sure to join their facebook page and read their blog for more information too.

Oh, and if you're on facebook, did you know I have my very own page?  Well, I do (so become a fan already!).



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