Sunday, September 6, 2009

Skelekitty as a Fitness Model!

I made my debut as the representative for Body Tribe, Krissi's favorite gym / art gallery / dog park. I had a complete BLAST participating as a chalk artist in my very first Chalk-It-Up to Sacramento fundraiser, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding children's art in our region. Check out the rest of the photos from Saturday.

I had tons of fun, despite Krissi's initial nervousness, having NEVER worked in the "chalk on sidewalk" medium. However, our sidewalk neighbor and new pal, Emily Elders, sure helped to get her drawing and kept us laughing all day long. Thanks to Darby Flynn for all the work she did (and for "volunteering" my services), to Body Tribe for letting us represent them and, most especially, to Krissi's long-suffering husband Ron for shuttling us around and lugging stuff across Fremont park (several times).

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