Friday, January 8, 2010

Kitty Paintings on SALE and T-Shirt Announcement

Personally, I think Krissi has lost her mind.  Maybe it's just the fumes from the spray-fixative, but she has reduced the price of every single mixed-media painting in her shop.  I'm not kidding, even the larger paintings of ME, and she never puts these on sale!

Now she's telling me that she's STILL giving a free print with each of these pieces too!  *sigh*  Whatever.  I suppose if she wants to give away the store, I'm no-one to stand in the way.

Siren Song NOW ONLY $114.49
11x14x.75" pyrography, acrylic and mixed-media on cradled hardwood artist panel 
price reduced by $50 (was $164.49)
"Siren Song"  FINISHED!
The 3/4" thick edges are painted gold and have lines from Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "The Mermaid" transferred on them: "And if I should carol aloud, from aloft / All things that are forked, and horned, and soft / Would lean out from the hollow sphere of the sea, / All looking down for the love of me"
Sides of "Siren Song"

And these pieces spent the month of December in The Claude Gallery in New York! How exciting!

The Two Sides of Skelekitty NOW ONLY $224.49 for the pair
11x14x.75" pyrography, acrylic and mixed-media on cradled hardwood artist panels 
price reduced by $75 (was $299.49) & you get 2 free prints
The Two Sides of Skelekitty (set)

The "angel" painting features images of stars & winged locks, and the swirling clouds and her wings are highlighted with ultra-fine archival iridescent art glitter. The "devil" painting has images of keys rising in the hellfire, which has been detailed with three colors (yellow, orange and red) of ultra-fine archival art glitter.
2 Sides of Skelekitty

Now, at long last, we have enough kibble stashed away in the piggy bank to begin the great T-shirt adventure!
First Skelekitty T-Shirt (mock up)
Krissi just needs to pull together the art and get worked into the schedule of the local artist/musician who will be burning the screens and making the shirts.  We should have pre-orders up in our shop within a week for those who want to be sure to get the size they want.  Keep an eye out for announcements!

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