Monday, February 23, 2009

Look What She Made!

Krissi's pal and cohort in mixed-media madness, art and crafting, Bekah, presented her with this AWESOMELY CUTE domino pendant yesterday after a monthly artists' group meeting.
custom skelekitty domino pendant by Bekah

She made it using one of the Skelekitty (that's me) rubber art stamps, a domino and some seriously mad skills.  Here, take a closer look:
closeup of skelekitty domino pendant by Bekah

And here's a pic of Krissi looking absolutely goofy wearing it:
Krissi & Bekah
(Thanks for taking that photo yesterday, Yoli!)

For those of you dying to see the rest of Bekah's work, rest assured that she IS opening an etsy shop as we speak and the link will be posted here just about any minute. Bekah and her project DEFINITELY earned a "Skelekitty Stamp -o- Approval."

So what have YOU made using your Skelekitty stamps, Hmmmmm?  Send me your photos or a link to your blog post detailing your project, and I'll post about it here!


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