Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Skele-DOG, Too?

I know, I've been a pretty quiet kitty cat lately. After all of the excitement with the rubber stamps coming out, I just needed one long winter cat-nap under the quilts. Oh, and while we're on the subject of the rubber stamps, why haven't you ALL sent me photos of your awesome creations?? Hmmm?? If you've made anything using the stamps, send me photos and I'll post them here on my blog!

And now, on to the update portion of the post:

While I was napping, Krissi finally got around to making a portrait that had been commissioned way back at one of her very first Body Tribe art shows.  Back in Spring of 2006, the rockin' Allyson Seconds (aka kick-ass Allyson Goble), asked for a skellie-girl with a skele-dog based on Krissi's quilt, Does This Make Me Look Fat?  Way to jump right on those custom orders. 

Does This Make Me Look Fat?
mixed-media art quilt - 2005

Although I tease about her lack of hustle to create a piece for Allyson, waiting almost three years gave Krissi the opportunity to get to know Al and Lulu both much better.  She trains with Al 3 times a week at Body Tribe, which includes warm-up and cool-down with Lulu and conversation in between sets of heavy squats and bench pressing.  Now that Abby the JRT (Jack Russell Terror) has come to live with Ron and Krissi, she also has some first hand knowledge of the wonders of dogs and "The R," which is code for the secret dog party locale off the grid and along the waterfront.  All of this experience led to the creation, at long last, of Wanna Go To The River?, a 12x24" mixed media on birch wood that incorporates many aspects of both Lulu's and Al's personalities.

Skele-Lulu portrait is finally finished!
mixed-media - 2009

For some fun, click on the photos and you can view the notes on the imagery.

details from Skele-Lulu portrait
detail from Wanna Go To The River?

For those of you who couldn't be less interested in dogs, skeletonized or otherwise, rest assured that I am not going anywhere.  T-Shirts ARE in development and a new Skelekitty piece is in the works for a big show and benefit coming to Sacramento in June (think: big cat, little cat; but that's all the hint you'll get for now)!

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